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SFG is proud of its unique ownership and investment strategy.


Planning for the future is important. Is your goal to travel, pursue a new hobby, provide protection for your loved ones, or just relax? By thinking about what your retirement may look like, you can be better prepared now. Planning now can make those goals seem within reach. Sammons® Financial Group, Inc. (SFG) member companies can provide a broad range of options that deliver peace of mind through protection such as death benefits and lifetime income and will leave you feeling prepared and ready to meet your retirement goals. Our national network of agents and Registered Representatives can provide a tailored plan to fit your unique needs. And, our values inspire us to provide support to the entire SFG family - our customers, our member company employees, and our communities across the country. Learn more about Sammons Financial Group companies today!


Sammons Financial Group, Inc. (SFG) is an insurance holding company whose member companies offer a diverse portfolio of financial services and retirement products, including life insurance, annuities, variable annuities, and securities.

Member Companies

SFG member companies represent some of the most enduring and stable companies in our industry. Individually, each company offers specific value propositions in the products and services they offer. Together we represent strength and longevity.


Our culture, private ownership, and the Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) make us unique in the financial services industry. Own your future at Sammons Financial Group.

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