With You for Every Moment®

Your life is made up of many moments. Some are simple: the smile of a child enjoying an ice cream cone, walking hand-in-hand with a loved one through your favorite park, the friendly wag of your dog's tail as she greets you at the front door. Other moments are deeply memorable: your first kiss, the birth of a child, your wedding day, college graduation, retirement.

Moments are precious. Moments matter. They make up the fabric of your life. But they also come and go so quickly. That's why you should be prepared to enjoy as many as possible.

A lifetime of moments

Sammons Financial Group is here to stand by you through your lifetime of moments. A subsidiary of  Sammons Enterprises, we are a group of financial companies, including some of the most enduring and stable businesses in our industry. Whether we're helping a family save for retirement, sending their kids to college, or providing financial stability in the loss of a loved one, we take pride in the work we do. Our goal is to protect the future of your families or your businesses, so you can enjoy life’s moments today.

Who we are and why we are different

Sammons Financial Group's member companies,  Midland National® Life Insurance CompanyNorth American Company for Life and Health Insurance®, Sammons Institutional Group®, and Beacon Capital Management offer some of today’s most sought-after life insurance, annuity, retirement-planning products, and portfolio-management solutions.  Unlike most financial organizations, our companies are not publicly-traded, which means we’re focused on long-term value rather than short-term earnings pressures. As a privately-held company, our leaders and employees remain consistently focused on long-term growth, making decisions that allow us to deliver on our commitments to customers, distribution partners, our employees, and our communities . Individually, our companies provide value in the products and services they offer. Together we represent a history of strength and longevity.

Make time for the moments that matter

With the right plans in place, you can focus on the moments rather than worrying about your future. Put your financial plans in place and make time for life’s moments today.

Sammons Financial Group has repeatedly been named to Glassdoor's list of Best Places to Work. The list is compiled based solely on the input of employees who elect to provide feedback on their jobs, work environments, and companies. Winners are determined by company reviews that are shared by employees over the past year.
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