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Children's Home Society

Children's Home Society


Children’s Home Society (CHS) is the oldest human services nonprofit in South Dakota. In 1893, the charity was established due to the demand for orphanage and adoption services. As the need for orphanages diminished because foster care became more common in the late 1960s, CHS shifted to residential treatment and special education programs.

Today, CHS provides residential treatment and special education, emergency shelter, forensic interviews, foster care, adoption, and prevention services. In addition to serving victims of child abuse and domestic violence, CHS also partners with caring parents to help children with emotional or behavioral needs. 

Since 2011, Sammons® Financial Group has donated a total of $60,000 to support five of CHS’s Christmas books authored by Tom Roberts. The funds were used to print over 40,000 books, which continue to be sold on the charity’s website and through a variety of in-person events. Over $1.4 million has been raised through book sales and sponsorships.   

In 2019, Sammons Financial Group donated $20,000 to the “A New Norm” project, a joint effort between CHS and Avera Health to promote mental wellness among youth. “A New Norm” is a story focused on adolescents struggling with mental health issues. The donation provided 1,000 books to elementary and middle schools throughout South Dakota and funded over 100 presentations by author Tom Roberts and an Avera behavioral specialist to schools and communities across South Dakota, reaching nearly 10,000 children and adults.  

Sammons Financial Group is proud to partner with CHS again on its newest book that will be launched this fall entitled, “Something About Christmas” written by Tom Roberts and illustrated by Hector Curriel. 

Learn more about CHS by visiting their website.

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