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Whether you're just starting your first semester or finishing your senior year, we're here to help you go from campus to career. Sammons Financial Group internships are for those who want to experience real, on-the-job opportunities that build valuable skills for the future. As an intern, you'll work alongside experienced employees to help you learn as you work on meaningful projects. You'll be able to build your skillset while experiencing a unique culture where you'll make connections that will help you grow into your career.


The tools to help you build your career

Sammons Financial Group's paid summer internships typically last 10 to 12 weeks from May to August. You'll be fully immersed, working in your area of expertise.

What makes our program distinct is our targeted approach that helps you gain the right experience and build your skillset for the career of your dreams, which we call 80:10:10

of time will be dedicated to performing tasks or working on projects within your hired work area.

of your time will involve performing tasks or working on projects within your hired work area to help you expand your knowledge set.

of your time will be spent on shared experiences across the organization, where you will get to really learn about our culture and work environment helping you become a more well-rounded professional.


We have the perks you want

Paid compensation

Real pay for real work

Learning and development

Courses to help you maximize your experience.

Community impact

Make a real difference by volunteering at one of our community partners.


Opportunities to learn from experienced employees and senior leadership.


Meet some of our previous interns


intern circle 2

Madelyn Osten
Business Intelligence Intern

"Through my team, I was able to see different areas of the business and how they all work together. Being able to visualize this helped me produce better work as well as ask better questions. While most of my time was spent working with my team, I was also able to participate in intern and company-wide events around the office and community. This balance enhanced my overall internship experience." 

Olivia Christensen

Olivia Christensen
Human Resources Intern

"I had the opportunity to plan and facilitate multiple cohort groups and learning sessions on subjects such as time management, diversity and inclusion, and leadership. The confidence I gained from this experience has been invaluable; overcoming the mental roadblock of “this is over my head” has helped me discover new skills and strengths I never knew I had."


Casey Kleemeier
Sales Desk Intern

"Aside from the day-to-day work, I was able to participate in events with fellow interns. It was a great way to connect with other interns and parts of the company. About halfway through my internship, I decided to apply for a job as a sales desk specialist. I was hired and transitioned into that job fairly quickly. Sammons Financial Group is a great place to intern and work."


Areas of opportunity




Human Resources

Legal and Compliance

Marketing and Communications


Business Intelligence



Giving back to our communities

In addition to on-the-job experience, you'll also have the opportunity as an intern to make a difference in our communities. Interns work hand-in-hand to volunteer at local nonprofits during their time at Sammons Financial Group.


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