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Legacy Children's Foundation

Legacy Children's Foundation


Legacy Children’s Foundation (LCF) is a nonprofit based in Fargo, N.D. whose mission is to assist diverse, at-risk students earn high school diplomas. This is achieved by providing top quality, easy access, after-school resources to ensure students have the opportunity to develop and thrive. Established homework rooms with academic coaches are set up four days a week in all Fargo middle schools, a public library, and LCF headquarters. 

In addition to academics, LCF incorporates service projects into its programming to encourage youth to give back to their communities. Students from LCF maintain and run a food pantry, provide cooked meals for the homeless, and work with another nonprofit agency on projects benefiting homeless youth. 

In 2011, the first class of LCF included 17 students, and a consistent number of children have joined the program in subsequent years. A total of 155 participants have benefited from LCF. Furthermore, all students who stayed active in LCF graduated with their peers.  

Since 2014, Sammons Financial Group has supported LCF through board service, monetary donations, and employee volunteers. The company has donated a total of $259,500 to LCF. These donations have supported educational programming; International Music Camp scholarships; and affirmation trips awarded to students who meet several criteria related to grade point average, attendance for school and LCF programs, and community service project participation. In addition, employees spend an average of 45 hours each year volunteering for LCF.  

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