Sammons Financial Group Pledges $20,000 to Conscious Youth Solutions

SIOUX FALLS, SD, August 24, 2020—Sammons Financial Group will donate $20,000 to Conscious Youth Solutions (CYS), a Sioux Falls-based not-for-profit organization that helps to bridge the gap between employers and the underserved community of young adults entering the workforce. The contribution will help to empower and connect millennials and young adults to advanced workforce training and career exploration.

“Sammons Financial Group is deeply committed to the communities in which we live and work,” said Esfand Dinshaw, chief executive officer of Sammons Financial Group. “Our community involvement committee, with input from all employees, directs our charitable giving and volunteer efforts to organizations that truly make a difference. We believe the work underway at Conscious Youth Solutions is transformational and directly addresses the unacceptable racial inequities in our communities.”

This past June, Dinshaw shared a message with Sammons Financial Group’s 1,600 employees in support of racial equality. In that message, the company committed to seek out and support non-profit organizations which focus on delivering programs to underserved and often diverse audiences in its four corporate communities.

The contribution to CYS will support the Youth Leader Apprenticeship program. This program is a 12-week workforce development effort connecting jobseekers to higher-level, more desirable positions. Additionally, a portion of the donation will fund the organization’s annual Diversity and Inclusion conference. This event, staged each October, integrates diversity into the workforce and moves beyond a focus on race to embrace diversity of all youth, and meet the challenges facing immigrant and minority populations.

“Our outreach is specific and focused on helping our young jobseekers identify, prepare for, and build a career to shape a successful life,” said Moses Tut, president and CEO, Conscious Youth Solutions. “We match the critical funds we receive with the vision and programs that connect business owners, elected leaders, and community leaders with each other. Likewise, this generous support from Sammons Financial Group will help Sioux Falls-area youth connect the dots to define what it means to not just land a job, but build a lifelong career.”

Sammons Financial Group member companies offer life insurance, annuities, and retirement planning products. Operating on a national scale from its corporate cities of Des Moines, Chicago, Fargo, and Sioux Falls, the company supports more than 100 organizations that its employees are active in or passionate about. In 2019, Sammons Financial Group contributed $3.5 million to local charities in its four corporate sites. Additionally, employees contributed more than 5,000 hours in volunteer service.  

“This past spring, a very bright spotlight shone on issues of racial injustice and inequity,” said Dinshaw. “That’s precisely why Sammons Financial Group is partnering with organizations like Conscious Youth Solutions to address some of the root causes that lead to systemic problems facing our communities.”

About Conscious Youth Solutions

Formed in 2016, the mission of Conscious Youth Solutions (CYS) is to bridge the gap between employers and young adults entering the workforce. CYS empowers and connects millennials and underserved communities to advanced workforce training and career exploration beginning with the Youth League Apprenticeship Program.

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